Hot News: Dordeduh – Statement from band about „Dar De Duh” book edition production delay

The reason for this „news” is a rather unfortunate one: More than three quarters of the DordeduhDar De Duh” book edition stock are still not available for delivery. Please read below Dordeduh‘s statement regarding the delay. At the moment we are hoping that the missing books will finally be ready for shipping in November.

„Dear friends,

Many things are lovely about our country, Romania; the mountains, the nature, the good food, hospitality and so on. As every country, it has its own good and strong points. But unfortunately doing business in Romania, at least for us, proved to be very disadvantageous almost every time and this was confirmed again with our last attempt. We tried to make the books for the special edition in a Romanian printing house. We won’t give any names here as we try to avoid any possible gossip and more issues regarding this subject. But we are here to write you these words which are not pleasant for anyone.

Due to our choice to print in Romania and to the immense trouble this has brought, the orders for the book will be delayed again for stupid and complicated reasons that we are too embarrassed to name here. We lost a lot of time and money with this deal, Prophecy has their huge loss too but the important and saddening thing is that YOU, our family, had to suffer because of all this, and this is what makes us all unhappy above all.

Please accept our apologizes for being unable to handle this situation in a better way. What we can promise is that we’ll do our best to bring these books to light and to have them at a good quality, as you deserve.

Thank you all for your patience, understanding and trust!”

„Dar De Duh” @ Prophecy’s online shop
„Dar De Duh” @ Youtube
„Dojana” [official music video]

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