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Dreamshade – modern melodic metal band from Switzerland are about to release their second album “The Gift Of Life” on January 25th.

First video from the up-coming album was “Photographs” ( and on Friday 11th the new video”Consumed Future” can be found from YouTube.

Meanwhile you can check the teaser of the”Consumed Future” as well as making of the video:
Making of

“Consumed Future is about the bullshit we see on TV everyday and how it may condition the life of some people, even taking them to desperation. The idea came to my mind one day while sitting on my sofa and zapping. Switching from a channel to the other I was disgusted of what I heard and saw. Too many dirtbag-programs with no sense, pathetic reality shows, and so much advertising. I found it all so disrespectful! Just a constant load of fake shit thrown in people’s face!
TV has lost the entertainment and amusement side it used to have in the old days and seems to have become an instrument used to wash the brain of the weak ones.
In the video we can see a girl addicted to this “world”, slave of these TV shows leading her to live a life which, day after day further from reality, is not her own anymore.
This is the main message of the song: Be yourself and never try to be somebody else!”
— Kevin, vocals –

The Gift Of Life” was mixed and mastered by Jakob Hansen and presents a new vocalist Kevin Cali who joined the band end of 2011.

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