Hot News: Dreamshade “The Gift Of Life”

Swiss Dreamshade have released their album track list and artwork. Dreamshades second album ”The Gift Of Life” which was produced and mixed by Jacob Hansen will be released on the 25th of January via Spinefarm Records and the track list looks like this:

2.Your Voice
3.The Gift Of Life
5.Consumed Future
6.Our Flame
7.Late Confessions
10.Wants & Needs

Artwork is done by Colin Marks.

Band comments on the album:

“The songs’ lyrics are mainly about common life situations: questions, torments, thoughts, goals, facts and reality.. We are not giving life lessons to anyone, on the contrary, some lyrics are about our mistakes. We often tell about what we learned from life no matter if it is right or wrong. The main message is to realize life is the most precious thing we got. And we got it for free.. The gift of life”

Jacob Hansen comments the album:

“This bunch of merry men totally floored me! Pushing the envelope with what you can do in very melodic, yet very heavy music, makes this metal of the future!”
Jacob Hansen – Hansen Studios (Denmark)

And also comment from Colin Marks:

“This is the 2nd time I’ve collaborated with Dreamshade on their artwork and again it’s been a pleasure from start to finish.
The band came up with a great concept and it was a lot of fun bringing this to life, and nice to work on a metal layout with much more colour and optimism than is often the case.
From what I’ve heard so far of The Gift Of Life it sounds like an incredible record.
It’s a layout which I’m personally very proud of”
Colin Marks – Rain Song Design (UK)

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