Hot News: Dunkelheit Produktionen To Reissue Wanderer’s Bypassing the Abyss

This fall, Germany’s Dunkelheit Produktionen will unearth the relic that is WANDERER’s Bypassing the Abyss. Originally released on Magik Art in 2005, this rare recording of dark and atmospheric black metal, which was noticeably flawed due when original master was damaged before pressing, has been carefully repaired and re-mastered so every misanthropic second rings through in the way it was intended. The new edition of Bypassing the Abyss comes as a digipak with 12-page booklet including Mysterion’s [vocals/lyrics/artwork] original pictures and art editing of the known Russian designer Al.Ex [Mayhem Project]. Dunkelheit Produktionen has plans for a fall release with vinyl treatment coming in 2013.

The WANDERER project was created in the summer of 2003 by two participants known as Mysterion and Dragonheart. The basis for their joint creativity was their common ideas and expeditions to the ancient natural monuments which held the secrets of bygone centuries. During these expeditions the project concept was also discussed. Both participants already had their own bands and sufficient experience in musical activities at the moment of WANDERER’s creation. Therefore, as soon as the image of the project was created, they set to work without delay.

In 2004, the band recorded their first album, Минуя Бездну [Bypassing the Abyss], which was released by Magik Art (Russia). The album was written and recorded over a five month span in 2003. The drums were recorded in the apartment on the third floor of a five-storey house to the “joy” of neighbors and residents of the house across the street. The drums furiously roared day by day till the moment when all tracks were recorded. Inhabitants of the house, probably, also sighed with relief when the record session finished, but it was in vain: it was just the beginning.

Mysterion trained his vocal skills in the forest, where he also enjoyed to paint his pictures. When he sang it was said that glassware danced on the shelves of a nearby pub. While working on the album, unexpected health problems overtook the vocalist and nearly brought the entire process to an untimely end. Heroic libations before the recording stood as an anesthetic agent and granted Mysterion the strength to push through until the last track was recorded. Thus, without looking at vicissitudes of life, the album was ready. A portion of the album’s vocal parts were recorded in the woods and caves of Slavyanogorsk (Ukraine), with use of natural cave reverberation and natural wood compression.

On the way to the label via snail mail, the master-CD was scratched and was delivered for replication with defects in the form of clicks. Soon after the issue of this album, the label collapsed and the album didn’t get any wide distribution and attention.

The album’s main idea and lyrics concern the greatness of nature and perfection of the space towering above the human being and his household society; consisting of “obsession with flashy things” and aspirations for material values. The album also explores the theory of the alternative history, a subject which both members of WANDERER have researched extensively.

Mysterion – vocal, lyrics and artwork
Dragonheart – all instruments and back-vocals

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Hot News: Reissue of Wanderer’s Bypassing the Abyss Out Now Via Dunkelheit Produktionen


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