Hot News: Dunkelheit Produktionen to Release Laster’s Wijsgeer & Narreman EP

Germany’s Dunkelheit Produktionen will release Wijsgeer & Narreman from Dutch Black Metal act LASTER. Atmospheric black metal with hypnotic riffs and inspired by J.W. von Goethe’s Faust, Wijsgeer & Narrema will be released on MCD (August 1st) and Cassette format (June 1st). LASTER (meaning libel) was founded and located in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The band consists of N. (NORTHWARD) and W. Damiaen (OMNINIHILIST, SEA OF TREES, WILLOOS, WHITE OAK). Wijsgeer & Narreman is recommended for fans of URFAUST and AUSTERE!

Wijsgeer & Narreman Cover Art & Track listing:

In Levenskolken in Dadenstorm
Tot Eenheid Verweven
Wijsgeer Ende Narreman

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Laster – Jön a debütalbum


Hot News: Laster’s Wijsgeer & Narreman Now Available On Cassette; Now Streaming On


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