Hot News: Echelon – unveiling special Timeline documentation about background of upcoming full-length debut Vivito! Creato! Moritor!

The Austrian Black Metal philosophers ECHELON again tread an intellectual and sophisticating path. On 10/22/13 at exactly 12 p.m. a very unique Timeline-Documentation of their upcoming debut LP. Referring to the 13 songs of the album the timeline is called “A Preview in 13 Pictures”.

The Timeline of “Vivito! Creato! Moritor!” is available via youtube:


The title of the album is a short biographie of the four artists whos artistical work is connected throughout centuries and is reduced to only three words.
However, this conceptual consonance is hidden, subtle. More like a mutter and murmur in the melodies of the past. If you remove melody by melody carefully, silence violins and cellos, fade flutes and bassoons, and trumpets and horns languish, the muttering and murmuring becomes more intensive.
It is getting denser and every melody once hidden gets clearer and brighter. You hear kettledrums, hit by Callot, telling about the Thirty Years War.
Victim after victim, beat after beat and the brassy sounds of Dix trumpets guide you through his idea of experiencing World War I, because only this is true Realism.
After silencing the drums, de Goyas lunatic playing of the flute takes over. This deaf man, who saw even clearer, painted like a maniac the horrors of the Napoleonic War. And dissonant, unified by its dynamism, the trumpets of Dix, a cacophonous barrage.
But also the flutes silence, and the melancholic viola of Manets remains as germans and french smash their skulls.
At the end the trumpets of Dix remain solely, persisting into the ears, reverberating, left, right, and left again, continiously, like humanity.

Factual Knowledge:

The idea behind a visualization like this was filtering out the historical as well as the picturesque connections between Callot, de Goya, Manet and Dix. All four have in common, that they experienced horrible wars. And all four share the idea of portraying these wars to prevent further conflicts.
The work of these artists only opens up if you also describe the circumstances. All of them cought their realites onto canvas. Realities purified from ambiguity.
They immersed into the base of history and qcquired to gather the essence of war. This means a chronological viewing of the events leads directly to the intention of the artists, and shows also their aims.
It all boils down to one essence: If we watch a picture of Callot, it seems strange to us, like from another world which is far, far away. If we wander further into the present, we realize, that the painted works are very current, but only in a different cloak.
This is why there are time leaps to Dix and back.
The idea of war, in a platonic way, is that war itself, ever stayed the same – only his cloak differs throughout the time. Like ice, water and steam are only thre different forms of a certain molecule.

Track list of “Vivito! Creato! Moritor!“:

1. Les Grandes Misères de la Guerre
2. Der Baum der Gehängten
3. Tod und Teufel
4. Strappado
5. Desastres de la Guerre
6. Der Krieg in mir
7. Des Teufels Bluthund
8. Die Grauend des Krieges
9. Effet de neige à petit Montrouge
10. Vor mir türmen sich die Scherben
11. Ewigkeit
12. Totengeigen
13. Triptychon: Der Krieg


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