Hot News: Ecnephias reveal artwork and tracklist of the forthcoming album Necrogod

The italian extreme occult metal band Ecnephias reveal the artwork of the upcoming album „Necrogod,” to be released in June. The work was entrusted to the author Pierre Alain D., with whom the band had already worked on the previous „Inferno”. Sakis (Rotting Christ) will be a guest on the song „Voodoo – Daughter of Idols”.  Melody and power will come together in a marriage of extreme metal: the new record, for the first time, will be marked by many thrash and tribal guitar riffs as well as dark melodies and a healthy dose of melodic death metal. It will be the spearhead for the italians. The lyrics theme is inspired by the ancient pre-Christian cults of the southern hemisphere of the Earth. This is the official tracklist:

1 Syrian Desert (intro)
2 The Temple of Baal-Seth
3 Kukulkan
4 Necrogod
5 Ishtar (Al-‘Uzza)
6 Anubis (The incense of twilight)
7 Kali Ma (The Mother of the Black Face)
8 Leviathan (Seas of fate)
9 Voodoo (Daughter of idols)
10 Winds of Horus (instrumental)

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Ecnephias – „Nyctophilia” (Official lyric video)


Ecnephias – „The Firewalker” (official lyric video)


Ecnephias – „Vipra Negra” hivatalos videoklip


Ecnephias szerződés a My Kingdom Music-kal


Hot News: Ecnephias Sign with code666


ECNEPHIAS – Ways Of Descention


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