Hot News: Eight Bells – Metal Insider Streams Debut In Its Entirety

In celebration of its forthcoming release this Tuesday, metal music industry portal Metal Insider will be streaming EIGHT BELLS’ The Captain’s Daughter debut in its entirety for a limited time. Engineered by sound mastermind Billy Anderson, The Captain’s Daughter features four organic soundscapes that merge serenity with severity.

Details Crown Of Viserys in a perfect 10/10 rating of the work: “The Captain’s Daughter starts off with some heavy bass riffs that churn and chunk out sounds thicker than I suspect sound waves should physically be able to be. Then, suddenly, those same chords seem to dissolve into billowing blankets of schizophrenic nimbuses. Serene but for a moment, only to rip itself asunder in a maelstrom of dizzying progressive riffage! Not yet content, EIGHT BELLS spices it up even more with some chaotic, spazz-drumming! You know, the kind that can only be found accompanying a piece of music so fucking amazing in the first place?” Adds This Is Not A Scene: “EIGHT BELLS layer emotional sound upon experimental anguish, and come through the other side somewhat intact… in the physical sense at least. Join them for this tumultuous journey on the desperate waves of life.”

Lose Yourself With The Captain’s Daughter at THIS LOCATION.

EIGHT BELLS features within its ranks SubArachnoid Space alumni Melynda Jackson and Christopher Van Huffel. A native of rural Texas now based in Portland, Oregon, Jackson’s EIGHT BELLS continues in SAS’ tradition of heavy guitar exploration, adding a blackened dissonance to the mix and minimalist vocals. Jackson is accompanied by classically trained six-string bassist Haley Westeiner who created the centerpiece vocals on “Fate and Technology” and also provides harmonic counterpoint to Jackson’s newly discovered vocalizations. Van Huffel resumes the throne he occupied for ten years, bringing his thunderous, nuanced double kick playing with him. With this power trio, Jackson has found a group that brings focus and support to her unapologetically expressionistic experimental metal music.

The Captain’s Daughter will be released via Seventh Rule Recordings February 19, 2013. Order your copy HERE.

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