Hot News: Einheit Produktionen – Autumn/Winter 2013 News!

BIFRÖST´s new album will be out October 25th 2013! After a three-year creative hiatus the Pagan Metal band is back with their new opus “Tor in eine neue Welt”. The album contains 13 tracks stretched to the truly epic playing time of 72 minutes, enriched by the application of several flutes (Low Wistle, Hu Lu Si,…), bouzouki, violin and accordion. It is packed with catchy and unique songs, which could not be more versatile and it convinces with the restraint from lyrical cliches. The album is second to none of the international greats in terms of quality also thanks to the excellent mastering by Krystian König. The listener is offered a diversified, extended listening pleasure, which also can be reproduced live onstage. This can be attributed to structural changes within the band: apart from vocalist Ragnar (Selbstentleibung, Flammensturm) also the personnel on drums and rhythm guitar has been replaced. In this newly reinforced line-up Bifröst are back with the band´s founder and song writer Matthias S. in order to shake the foundation of the metal bulwark. With “Tor in eine neue Welt” the five-piece certainly succeeds in this undertaking and sets a milestone not only for the Pagan Metal scene.

KETZER RECORDS can proudly announce the new CREATURE album „Helioskron´“ for October 25th 2013. The predecessor was already among the “most important must-know Black Metal albums” in German Rock Hard magazine. Now Götz Kühnemund writes about „Helioskron´“ :”Musically they are among the most brutal, uncompromising acts of the German Black Metal scene even though there are many melodies in the guitar work and the band never just primitively bashes around”. The bandmates add:”On „Helioskron‘“ you will find everything that makes today´s Black Metal exciting – epicness, majesty, brutality, headbanging compatibility, lots of minor key and a consequent continuity of darkness far away from post pseudo babble.(…)This is how demanding yet atmospheric German Black Metal should sound in 2013!” (Alboin/Eis) or “Definitely my recommendation for those who call passion and hate their personal elysium.”(Horaz/Imperium Dekadenz)

Even more to come:

NIVLHEL, the fog Nifelheim and Hel, is now ready to devour the world with its tunes of chaos. The collaboration of Fjalar (ISTAPP) and Isar will exterminate humanity like the pestilence of the 14th century, proclaiming:

„When the mist from the north engulfs the world, when the jaws of Fenris grind through the flesh of the false and Jörmungandr poisons the sky, the new alliance between Nivlhel and Einheit Produktionen is a fact. An album release is set to spring 2014 and todays rotten and blindfolded society will finally meet it’s true enemy.“

MEDUSA PRODUCTION inks deal with SCARED TO DEATH! Dynamic Thrash Metal with melody & Power Metal influences. Many of the songs are deeply rooted in the golden 80ies. They breathe the spirit of the old times with heavy guitars, impulsive drums and raw vocals. The new album „Fatal Destroyer“ will be released early 2014. In the past the band already managed to convince as tour support of Destruction and on several festivals in Germany and Austria. Coming up is a performance on the Metal Invation Festival.

Members of Black Metal Band ANDRAS, founded by Nightsky in 1994, will now walk separate ways. Nightsky amicably split from the other musicians, as the musical focuses drifted apart over the years. ANDRAS is currently supported by Bileeam(who had already helped out on the first album) and the new material again goes in the direction of the legendary „…of old Wisdom“ & „Iron Way“albums. It can be expected anytime soon on EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN. But first the band presents the new logo. plant aktuell 2 Tourneen:

First AETHERNAEUM will support the „Monument – Tour“ joining FJOERGYN & there will be shows booked on the weekends from November 2013 till January 2014.

Also ODROERIR will celebrate their 15-year anniversary touring with FINSTERFORST & FIMBULVET on the „Rastlos“ tour between December 25th through 30th 2013.

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