Hot News: Einheit Produktionen – Spring 2013 News!

On April 19th 2013 the debut of Folk-Black-Metal band AETHERNAEUM entitled “Wanderungen durch den Daemmerwald” will be released on Einheit Produktionen. This is Alexander Paul Blake´s new project, which is a musical and conceptional successor to his solo debut “Die Rückkehr ins Goldene Zeitalter” (2012). The solo project developed into a band, but in form and content it still deals with the mystique of nature, romantic ideals and spirituality. Legacy magazine writes:”Symptoms of fatigue have not to be feared, as  Aethernaeum offer an intense album with ‘Wanderungen durch den Daemmerwald’, which still displays many new details after numerous spins and manages to take you on a journey of the mind. Awesome !” and awards 15 out of 15 points. The album should very much appeal to fans of Dornenreich, Wolves In The Throne Room, Agalloch, Moonsorrow or early Empyrium. The band offers the song “Zur Mittwinternacht” as a free download at www.aethernaeum.de . A video clip will be produced soon which will accompany the album release online. The live premiere will take place on this year´s WGT.

“Zur Mittwinternacht” on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t62na9xGrt8&feature=youtu.be

Current Legacy interview in full length

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Also on April 19th 2013 Spanish nature-inspired  Black Metal Band LUX DIVINA will present their new creation „Posessed By Telluric Feelings“on Einheit Produktionen. Hammerheart Magazine reports:„…the ten songs bring across the message with strong emphasis, sometimes they even burst from passion and the irrepressible will to express emotions and thoughts with a vengeance but also very consciously retreat into quiet and contemplative atmospheres. In doing so the quintet acts self-assured and completely independent from any trends…” and gives 8,5 out of 10 points.

Fans of Primordial, Borknagar, older In The Woods or label mates Vrani Volosa should be interested. Shades of Doom Metal of the  Anathema generation appear alongside fantastic vocal arrangements, which are reminiscent of  Vintersorg classics, without coming even close to being a copy. The album will also enthuse fans of traditional Heavy Metal as it cannot be reduced to Black Metal in a broader sense… also this band is working on a video clip and they will perform live at the  Dark Troll & Fimbul Festivals. www.luxdivina.com


 „Fagus Sylvatica“ on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ruan9KO6eoQ

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Even more to come:

CRYPTIC FOREST  (a project by Finsterforst) will release their debut „Ystyr“ in late summer of 2013 via Einheit Produktionen. Their EP „Dawn Of The Eclipse“

managed to raise some eye brows (e.g. 7,5/10 points from Rock Hard-Magazine) so „Ystyr“ was produced at Iguana Studio just like latest  Finsterforst album and the artwork was created by Pär Olafson (e.g. Immortal – All Shall Fall) ! The band is honored to play the  Dark Troll Festival among others. www.cryptic-forest.com

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Avantgarde Black Metal band GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN are back & will put out their new album „Pro-Depressiva“ on Ketzer Records in late summer. Einheit Produktionen will mainly handle distribution and promotion.

Sturm Deiner Winter reveals a few details on the new album in the latest interview with Powermetal.de : „We will produce a complete album as we have enough strong material written, which is worthwhile recording. Musically “Schwarz gegen Weiß” certainly is a good point of reference also for “Pro-Depressiva”. For the vocals I go for more aggression in the voice as opposed to “Schwarz gegen Weiß”. It should not drift off into chaos as on “Dynastie” but rather go a bit back to the roots soundwise.” www.grabgewalt.de

More information, audio teasers etc. at www.einheit-produktionen.de

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