Hot News: Elvis Deluxe – new album out soon!

The pioneers of Polish stoner rock scene, Elvis Deluxe, return in a big style! The band celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and is just about to release a brand new album entitled “The Story So Far”. It’s their third studio release but the first one released by Metal Mind Productions. The release date is scheduled for April, 29th in Europe and June, 4th in USA (via MVD). Today, the band reveal the artwork and tracklist of the album.

Elvis Deluxe – The Story So Far


1. Yourgodfreed
2. No Reason
3. Dark Lovers
4. Face It
5. Something To Hide
6. Out Of Life
7. The Hope
8. Search And Destroy (The Stooges cover)

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the moment when four good friends and long-time punk/rock/HC scene musicians started their journey to explore the 60’s inspired stoner rock. They called themselves Elvis Deluxe and after a few years of playing gigs they managed to record the highly acclaimed full-length debut album “Lazy” (2007). Soon, it was followed by the equally well received “Favourite State of Mind” album (2011). In the summer of 2012, the band recorded their third studio material entitled “The Story So Far”, which continues their in-your-face rock tactics. The new album features 10 tracks – 3 older, never officially published songs that will take you 10 years back, and 5 new ones, which will shed some light on the new, slightly different face of Elvis Deluxe. Some songs grow from complete silence to heavy noise, others explore improvisation possibilities usually distinctive of live recordings, but „The Story So Far” also has a couple of straightforward, catchy tunes. This album summarizes 10 years of the band’s history so check it out!

The band comment: “It’s not just about how the songs were written, but also how they were recorded. The way we write our songs is as average as it usually gets – one of us brings a riff or two, then we process it during rehearsals into a consistent whole with vocals, arrangements etc. However, the way we recorded “The Story…” is completely new for us. First of all, unlike the other two albums, this one was not recorded in Warsaw. We worked at Maq Studio in Wojkowice, courtesy of our friend Grin. This meant that we were completely cut off from the outside world which we only experienced through the nearby supermarket. Secondly, live recording opened up for us a whole new world of improvisation possibilities and influenced the overall spontaneous vibe. So, the album is more laid back than “Lazy” and at times more experimental than “Favourite State Of Mind”. You will find here songs that grow slowly from minimalist sounds to all-out noise, but also some that immediately hit you with full force. Long improvisations and catchy tunes. Plus three never officially published numbers from Elvis’ first rehearsals and gigs, as well as from the “Lazy” album era.”

Wojciech “Ziemba” Ziemba – bass guitar, vocals
Mikołaj “Miko” Malanowski – drums
Tomasz “Bolek” Sierajewski – guitar
Wojciech “Bert Trust” Trusewicz – guitar

Elvis Deluxe on-line: www.facebook.com/elvisdeluxe

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ELVIS DELUXE – The Story So Far

Triszt Tviszt Kapitany

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