Hot News: Emerald present new singer

Amongst many great candidates, we finally found the perfect singer for our sound! Many of you may already know him! It’s GEORGE CALL (ASKA, ex-OMEN)!!!

We are beyond happy that one of the greatest metal singers of our times is now a part of our band! It’s gonna be a whole new experience working with a singer that lives overseas, but everyone who has already heard his amazing voice knows it will be totally worth it! Just listen to his vocals on our song „Eye of the Serpent„:

Here’s George’s statement about joining Emerald:
„It came to be that Emerald were in the unenviable position of having to look for a singer. They thought I was far too busy but I’m glad we talked because our collaboration on the song „Eye of the Serpent” was, bar none, among the best songs in all of Metaldom in 2013. How could we not possibly further explore that potential? I met the guys, their wives and girlfriends when we performed together in their native Switzerland on tour some years earlier and we hit it off magnificently. We nurtured a friendship and mutual camaraderie which now takes one further evolutionary step, sprouting wings as we combine our respective talents and seek to take Emerald to new heights of Metal glory. Hail!”


LINE-UP 2014:
George Call – vocals
Michael Vaucher – guitars
Manuel Werro – guitars
Adriano Troiano – bass
Alex Spicher – drums
Thomas Vaucher – keyboards

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