Hot News: Entombed and Century Media Records announce a worldwide deal and new album in October 2013

ENTOMBED just finished recording and mixing their 10th album called “Back To The Front” at Studio Bohus (Abba, Europe) in Kungälv, Sweden with producer Roberto Laghi (In Flames, Hardcore Superstar). The cover artwork of the new album was painted by Zbigniew Bielak (Watain, Vader, etc.). “Back To The Front” will be released worldwide through Century Media Records on October 28th in Europe and October 29th in North America. Don’t be afraid that it will sound like Abba – it’s 666% true to the ENTOMBED everybody loves. While not falling for total regression back to the early classics “Left Hand Path” or “Clandestine”, expect a total bone-crushing opus that will have fans of “Wolverine Blues”, “To Ride,…” or “Morning Star” cry tears of joy. From the morbid, pissed-off lyrics over detuned, massive riffs to the inimitable brick-heavy groove and L-G Petrov’s titanic roar, “Back To The Front” has it all, so get ready for a stone cold stunner!

L-G Petrov (vocals) comments“After almost 7 years of studio absence we are back with a new album called Back To The Front ready to blow metalheads away around this world! Feels great to announce this deal with Century Media ! Can’t wait to let u all be a part of it!”

Jens Prueter, Head Of A&R Century Media Records Europe: “I first saw ENTOMBED in 1992 on the Gods Of Grind tour and was blown away by their merciless sound that was even back then more than just death metal. Over 20 years later they still kick ass and we are more than proud to finally welcome them to the CM family. Cheers!”

The band formed under the name NIHILIST in 1987 and changed its name to ENTOMBED in 1989. Together with Morbid (for whom singer L-G played drums), Treblinka/Tiamat, Grave and Dismember, ENTOMBED/NIHILIST belong to the earliest bands to forge the immortal Swedish death metal sound that became as popular and unique as the more technical, less punkish Florida-trademark style emerging around the same time. Inspired by such diverse acts as Autopsy, Mot??ad, Discharge or Kiss, over the years ENTOMBED did not shy away from thinking outside of the coffin resulting in an unique style some fans called Death’n’Roll but in the end it’s just a band with a style and impact entirely their own. A sound that has influenced thousands of bands from metal to hardcore to rock and now the legend returns to show you all that they still master it like no one else.

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