Hot News: Evenoire – New studio album

Italian female-fronted symphonic metallers Evenoire signs a booking/management deal with Rockshots. Evenoire are ready to release the second album “Herons” on 15th April 2014.

Between 2012 and 2013 Evenoire promoted “Vitriol” (2012, Scarlet Records)with an intensive tour into main Italian rock clubs and festivals like Fosch Fest, Colonia Sonora, Autunnonero, Isola Rock, opening for Haggard, Theatres des Vampires, Cadaveria, Vision Divine, Alestorm, Ensiferum, Cruachan, Opera IX, Elvenking. 

“HERONS” is the title of the second album, released by Scarlet Records: fire, element of purification and destruction is the protagonist of forgotten legend in the North of Italy. Evenoire discovers those legends and gave them a special sound that combines a wide range of influences, from gothic to symphonic metal with a very distinctive medieval/folk approach, which has attracted overwhelming response worldwide. A special mention goes to extraordinary lead vocalist Lisy Stefanoni,whose ethereal and powerful voice adds an extra dimension to the melodies and makes her one of the most promising female singers around. Flute and acoustic parts give to the songs a charming atmosphere. Into this second album we have very special guests: keyboardist Riccardo Studer from Stormlord and keyboardist Filippo Sasha Martignano from Echotime. There is also a duet with Linnéa Vikström from THERION.

Evenoire recorded at Dreamsound Studios in Munich, with Mario Lochert, Dejan Djukovic e Daniel Rehbein (Emergency Gate, Graveworm, Visions of Atlantis)behind the consolle e Jan Vacik (Serenity, Visions of Atlantis, Graveworm, Dreamscape) worked at mixing and mastering. Evenoire are a famous reality in Italy, formed in 2007 they did a strong live activity that confirmed them like one of the most acclaimed band into Italian metal scene.

Listen to “Drops Of Amber” on Soundcloud

Frontwoman Lisy Stefanoni did many collaborations with Italian metal bands likeRustless (ex Vanadium), Derdian, Secret Sphere, Ulvedharr, Dark Ages, 4th Dimension, Materdea.
In December 2013 Lisy toured all over Europe with the band Sound Storm opening for THERION and ARKONA for “Rock opera Unveiled Tour”: 15 gigs in 10 different countries into the most famous European clubs.


5 April 2014 – Rock N’ Roll Arena – Romagnano Sesia (Novara)
21 April 2014 – Radio Lombardia – Milano
24 April 2014 – HERONS Release Party – Midiam (Cremona)
9 May 2014 – Live Keller – Curno (Bergamo)
25 May 2014 – Rock In Park (Milano)
31 May 2014 – Pegorock – Pegognaga (MN)
2 August 2014 – Malpaga Folk (Cavernago, BG)
22 August 2014 – Isola Rock (Verona)
19th October 2014 – Metal Female Voices Fest – Oktoberhallen (BE)

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