Hot News: Ewigheim – Nachruf Track-By-Track

Yantit was so kind to share his thoughts about each song on EWIGHEIM‘s upcoming record “Nachruf“.

Here’s what he’s got to say:

01. Zwischen Menschen (Between Humans)
– A non-typical opener for EWIGHEIM, since we’ve always used a more classic intro. It’s a very melancholic song, which I like mostly because of the harmonies between the solo violin and the other strings.
The song title says it all regarding the lyrics, and clearly suggests what this album will be about.

02. Die Augen Zu (Eyes Closed)
– The story continues with this song. The main protagonist has seen enough and starts with what needs to be done. The song is heavier than the previous one and even danceable … well, you could easily call it a hit.

03. Am Meer (At The Sea)
– Is one of two very slow songs on “Nachruf”. It’s accompanied by a piano and rises with its three-four time, until the listener is swallowed by the guitars that are setting in. It’s something like a reverse “Leiche zur See”. Instead of “sending” someone to the sea, the sea will come and get everyone who isn’t able or won’t fight against it… a very dark song, which isn’t about water itself. It also closes the conceptual circle between the first three songs of the album.

04. Heimweh (Homesickness)
– The song title is quite misleading and it’s not as sentimental as you’d might think. It’s a rocking song with a gigantic chorus, where Allen once again proves what an exceptional singer he is. Lyrically, we’re in uncharted waters. I don’t want to brag too much about it, but let’s say that it’s something like EWIGHEIM’s very own zombie story… wait and see! 🙂

05. Ein Nachruf (An Obituary)
– The title track. It is – in its own way – an old-fashioned song and very “disco”. We’ve been inspired to write this song back in 2004, around the time when we’ve worked on “Heimwege”. Back then, we thought that the song’s too trendy, but now it fits perfectly. I don’t want to say anything about the lyrics here.

06. Himmelfahrt (Ascension)
– A song with a driving beat. Allen B. adds a special touch to it with his drumming und shows, that he’s able to sing varied vocals. The chorus is my personal favorite and you should take the song title literally.

07. Falsches Herz (False Heart)
– The crushing gothic rock song. You’ll notice that Allen B. might have had a soft spot for Type O back when he was younger, because he’s easily able to take it two octaves down. Schwadorf plays with the lead guitars and everything’s topped with very moral lyrics! *laughs*

08. Liebes Lied (Love(ly) Song)
– Again, the name says it all and this is what you can expect from EWIGHEIM. A piano, accompanied by acoustic and lead guitars that will melt any heart and if you aren’t crying already, Allen B. will surely make you cry! All in all it’s still a positiversong and (lyrically) a glimmer of hope.

09. Glück Im Unglück (A Blessing In Disguise)
– …shows that the human existence – against all odds – has its advantages and always offers an opportunity to “heal” yourself from life. The accompaying sounds are pretty heavy and you’ll also hear Schwadorf’s own favorite lead guitar in the last third of the song … simply a “killer” track.

10. Wenn Es Am Schönsten Ist (While The Going’s Good)
– The”famous” last track. Here we’ll return to “Mord Nicht Ohne Grund” and prove that last songs don’t need to be melancholic.
I think this is the perfect song to end an EWIGHEIM gig and a good way to give some kind of “advice” to the audience before they head home. I’d really like to point out the backing vocals by Allen B. and Schwadorf in the final chorus. Just wait and see… 🙂

11. Sanctum Imperium
– The digipak bonus track and also a perfect last song in the vein of “Heimwege” and “Bereue Nichts”. Due to the fact that it has a morbid atmosphere and that M. Roth (Eisregen) is singing the verses, I’d label this song as black metal, even though the first half is pretty doom-y and there’s an orchestra in the second part. With his vocals, Allen B. also adds an almost “orthodox” touch to the song.

Album snippets are available on http://massacre.musiclogistics.net/artists/ewigheim

You can also pre-order the new record here:
http://georiot.co/iFC (Amazon CD)
http://georiot.co/3Ieh (Amazon Digi)
http://georiot.co/2Cx3 (iTunes)

The record release show will take place one day afer the album’s release in Leipzig, Germany.
West isn’t able to perform that night, that’s why SCHWADORF is going to replace him!
An unique chance for fans to see all founding fathers of EWIGHEIM live on stage after 10 years!

07.12.2013 DE Leipzig – Hellraiser – www.facebook.com/events/175005649346970

EWIGHEIM‘s “Nachruf” will be released on December 6, 2013 via Massacre Records and will also be available as limited edition digipak with exclusive bonus track!

The limited vinyl LP will be available via Deathlight Records.

EWIGHEIM @ Massacre Records MP3 Download Storehttp://massacre.musiclogistics.net/artists/ewigheim


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