Hot News: Exodus – “Desperados Stagedive Special“ On Viva!

In April of this year, dyed-in-the-wool thrashers EXODUS toured South America. Now fans are granted the chance to be close to the thrashing on- and off-stage action – through a two-part “Desperados Stagedive Special” on TV music channel VIVA!

The show’s host Carlos Martinez reports exclusively as part of EXODUS’ road crew. Straight through the jungle they make their way to the rock clubs of Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Chile, including trips to desert islands, ray fishing and much more.

Part 1 will be aired on Thursday, November 15, at 1:05 am CET on VIVA (rerun on Sunday, November 18, at 1:15 am CET)
After a short review of Rock in Rio 2011, part 1 starts with the band opening their Brazilian tour at the Metal Open Air in Sao Luis and the Abril Pro Rock Festival in Recife. The next destination is the megapolis Sao Paulo, where the first club show takes place and Carlos experiences the tough touring routine from a roadie’s perspective.

Part 2 will be aired on Thursday, December 6, at 1:05 am CET on VIVA (rerun on Sunday, December 9, at 1:15 am CET) 
In part 2, the band enjoys a few days off to recharge the batteries for the upcoming shows – they use the time for exploring desert islands and for ray fishing. Club shows in Curitiba and Buenos Aires follow. On the road, the Californians have many a memorable experiences and share quite a few anecdotes of their touring life. As a grand finale, EXODUS rock the Metal Fest in Santiago de Chile before heading home.

Click HERE to watch a teaser for the special!

EXODUS on VIVA – you shouldn’t miss that under any circumstances!

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