Hot News: FDA Rekotz to Release ” The Last Defence” from German Blasters Keitzer July 18

German blast-beat lunatics KEITZER are back to incinerate humanity with their brand new 5th studio album The Last Defence, which will be released through FDA Rekotz on July 18. Prepare for 14 stunning, bulldozing tracks that channel the likes of MISERY INDEX, MARDUK, and early DEICIDE, to name just a few.  Recorded, mixed and mastered at Soundlodge Studio by Jörg Uken with cover art by Florian Furtkamp, The Last Defence is the sound of KEITZER changing the temperature setting to ‘face-melt.’

The official video for album track “This is the Only Solution” is now playing at:

Pre-orders for the CD, bundles and limited-edition colored vinyl are now being taken at the FDA Rekotz Deathstore. For details visit

Bellum Indicere
Exist To Destroy
This Is The Only Solution
Forever War
Marching Forward To Victory
The Last Defence
Next Offensive
We Are The Serpents Of Doom
Glorious Dead
Before Annihilation

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Hot News: Keitzer – “The Last Defence” Coming July 18 on FDA Rekotz; New Track Online Now


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