Hot News: Ferocity releases single and music video from the debut album „The Sovereign”

The Danish based death metal band, Ferocity, has released the first single and music video from the new album entitled “The Sovereign”. The music video for the song “…And the Rest is Silence” was filmed at Aalborg Metal Festival 2012 by Emil Vinther Sørensen of Emil Vinther Photography.

Ferocity has recently signed a record deal with Deepsend Records. The musical style is brutal and uncompromising, yet with a melodic touch that has been Ferocity’s trademark for years. With Nikolaj Kjærgaard on the drums as the newest addition to the band, Ferocity are now focusing a lot more on grind and blast beats than when they first started out. Where other bands go from brutal to more mainstream, Ferocity is doing the opposite! With inspiration from both N.Y. death metal, swedish and polish death metal bands, Ferocity are creating a style of their own…

The new album, „The Sovereign”, will be released through Deepsend Records in May/June 2013

Ferocity’s drummer Nikolaj Kjærgaard has made the following statement about the music video and the single “…And the Rest is Silence”:

“…And the Rest is Silence” being our first single and the first track of the new album pretty much sets the style, atmosphere and expression of the album. It represents what the musical style of Ferocity has transformed into over the last couple of years. It has grind parts, a groovy chorus and melodic lead guitar. Three key elements which I think sums up what you could expect of the new album. The music video for “…And the Rest is Silence” is our first music video ever and was shot in our home town at a really great show. We think Emil Vinther did a great job shooting and editing the video, and it complements the dynamics of the music really well.

The track list for “The Sovereign” is as follows:

01. „…And the Rest is Silence”
02. „Chain of Command”
03. „Human Game”
04. „Son of Sam”
05. „XIIth Legion”
06. „Abrupt Desolation” (Instrumental)
07. „The Sovereign”
08. „Blind Disciple”
09. „No Rest for the Wicked”
10. „Blood Trophy”

The music video for ”…And the Rest is Silence” can be found here: http://youtu.be/b89vjBDMwLg

Ferocity Music Video: http://youtu.be/b89vjBDMwLg
Ferocity Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ferocity666
Ferocity BigCartel: http://ferocity.bigcartel.com
Deepsend Records: http://www.deepsend.com

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