Hot News: Fiakra – Signs a Worldwide Deal with Pure Underground Records / Pure Steel Records

The US-Metallians FIAKRA (former knows as HEXEN) have made a war pact with us and the thundering debut album “invasion” will conquer the planet in June/July 2012. This is the stuff – underground fans dreams will come true – rough, basic, fresh and wild! That’s a cool thing!

Forged in the year 2000, originally under the name Hexen, Fiakra has battled it’s way across the underground metal scene, finally really to unleash their second album titled “Invasion” upon the world! Originally formed by Kenneth Burdge (aka The Warlord) with high school friend’s John Catalano, Scott Gregory (r.i.p.) and Eric Silsby on bass, rhythm guitar, and drums respectively.

The band states: “Fiakra are proud to be working with Pure Steel Records, we are overjoyed so far at the help and support we’ve received from the label, and can’t wait to unleash our own molten brand of pagan power metal upon the unsuspecting world. Like a band of dark ages warlords riding harley’s made of human bones….we shall conquer all in our path and destroy all who oppose!”

After Several lineup changes, most notably the addition of drummer Greg “Dirty Dan” Guarini, the band released a demo in 2005, their first e.p. in 2006, and finally their first full length album “Dark Crucible” in 2008. During the recording, guitarist Andy “Wulfhere” Scherman, and bassist Matt Wheeler were added to the lineup. At this point the band reached a point where a name change was necessary to avoid confusion with California based thrashers Hexen. The name Fiakra was chosen, an alternate spelling of the Irish-gaelic word Fiachra (meaning raven). The band added keyboardist James “six-nails” Hogan, and that brings us to the present.

After signing a record deal with German label Pure Steel Records, the band have forged a masterpiece of epic, folk-inspired power metal. “Invasion” is 13 tracks of pure, unadulterated old-school heavy fucking metal, taking traits from power, folk, thrash, hard rock, as well as hints of death/black metal.


lead vocals, guitar – The Warlord
guitar, backing vocals – Wulfere – The Skull Splitter
bass – Wheeler
drums – Blackboots
keys – Six-Nails

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