Hot News: Finnish crust/grindcore band Loath to release debut album “Total Peace” March 21st!

Loath is a relatively fresh band from Finland. The band was founded early 2013 and they entered to record their debut album “Total Peace” at Drunkhouse Studios in the fall 2013. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by K. Lehtinen. Loath‘s music can be described like crust with a twist of grindcore and doom.

The group consists of drummer L, bassist M, vocalist/guitarist E and vocalist/guitarist V.

Total Peace is released March 21st 2014 worldwide by the Finnish record label Inverse Records.

Track list:
01. Humanity
02. Masochist Karma
03. Psychic Leech
04. Irstas Ääretön Tyhjyys
05. Sect
06. Shortcut To Heavenly Bliss
07. Xeroxed
08. The Common God
09. Slave’s Mouth
10. Live Through Me

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