Hot News: Fräkmündt sign with Auerbach Tonträger / Prophecy Productions

Fräkmündt is a Swiss Ur-Folk ensemble with the core members Res, Anneli (aka Anna Murphy of Eluveitie fame) and Käthi. The group was formed in 2009 and released a demo tape, a mini album and two full-length albums thus far. We are happy to announce that the band just inked a long-term contract with Auerbach Tonträger encompassing four new studio albums as well as their back catalogue.

Fräkmündt was the original name of a mysterious mountain in the heart of Switzerland (nowadays known as Mount Pilatus) which is connected to uncountable sagas. Many sources speak about dragons living in caves inside the mountain, the wild hunt haunting through its chasms and witches roaming the woods beneath it. The music project Fräkmündt tries to capture the spirit of these old legends and their manifestations in living traditions around mount Pilatus and in other pristine areas around the alemannic parts of Switzerland. The musicians re-inteprate old Swiss songs but also create new ur-alpine music, based on the inspiration from sagas, nature, historical places and traditional ceremonies.


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