Hot News: Frost Despair – „Surreal” samples posted online

Brazilian symphonic black metallers FROST DESPAIR are finishing the recordings of their debut album, „Surreal”, the follow up to 2011’s „The God Delusion” EP. The band posted samples of three songs on their website – www.frostdespair.com – and made comments about the tracks:

– „The Sixth Bell” – „A track that brings up the album’s atmosphere, which is slowly being set, with growing strength and musical aggressiveness”

– „Surreal” – „It summarizes the atmosphere we looked for. Orchestrations were explored in the album as a whole, but we have some tracks with heavy moments without keyboards”

– „Creation” – „Creationism being satirized with movement and aggressiveness. The longest and most epic track of ‘Surreal'”

The album is being recorded in Hurricane Studios and has artwork created by Marcelo Vasco (Dark FuneralDimmu BorgirBorknagar). A release date will be announced soon.

„Surreal” has the following track listing:

01. The Sixth Bell
02. Creation
03. Thrones Of Human Power
04. Darkly Strike
05. Genesis
06. Surreal
07. Fall Into The Darkness of Illusion
08. Claim For The Apocalyptic Eradication
09. God’s Nightmare
10. Slaves To Superstition
11. Thrones Of Human Power (orchestral version) (bonus track)
12. Claim For The Apocalyptic Eradication (orchestral version) (bonus track)

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Hot News: Frost Despair – „Surreal” tracks performed live


Hot News: Frost Despair – finishing recordings of „Surreal”


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