Hot News: Genius Ultor – details of the new album

Our father, who art in heaven. Our father… no, not really.

Four years after the release of the debut album Dzień Nocy (via Ataman Productions), GENIUS ULTOR once again spits in the face of humanity and its idols. Nic Co Boskie Nie Jest Mi Obce [I Consider Nothing That Is Divine Alien To Me – English title] – accompanied by such an impudent statement, Wirus, Zgorzel and Kra have created an album that is incredibly blasphemous, arrogant, and devoid of love for fellow men.

It was recorded within the stale and moldy walls of a pre-war house, haunted by what it has witnessed – complete human humiliation and degradation. Hate, pride, the reek of ethanol followed by the taste of warm blood – all of this is apparent within the seven tracks comprising the album. It’s a lot more mature than the last one, but inflicting more severe wounds that sting even long after it’s over.

GENIUS ULTOR descends into the black metal gutter once again and proudly marches on, sparing nothing and nobody. The album, invoking a necrophobic atmosphere and paranoid unease since the first seconds of the title track, heralds the end of everything we know and ultimately triumphs over the cowering humanity.

GENIUS ULTOR exists and degrades others since 2008, to this day.


1.Nic co boskie nie jest mi obce
2.Koniec wszystkiego co znamy
5.Pijany krwią
6.Zło przenajświętsze
7.Krew nie woda



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