Hot News: Gruesome sign to Relapse Records; Prepare debut album

Relapse Records is excited to announce the signing of old school death metal supergroup GRUESOME. Featuring guitarist/vocalist Matt Harvey (Exhumed, Dekapitator), drummer Gus Rios (ex-Malevolent Creation), guitarist Daniel Gonzalez (Possessed) and bassist Robin Mazen (Derketa), the group formed in April 2014 as a respectful celebration of the sound of the early DEATH records. The quartet quickly recorded a demo that gained a lot of buzz for it’s true to form display of late-80’s/early 90’s Floridian Death Metal.

Two songs from their demo can be streamed via their official Bandcamp here. The band will be heading to Florida this Summer to record their debut full-length which is slated for an early 2015 release via Relapse.

Matt Harvey commented on the signing: “We’re very psyched to be joining the Relapse roster. Their support in our mission to keep the early Death sound alive means a lot, especially since they’re the home of the Death catalog. We’ll be entering the studio in (where else?) Florida very soon to wrap up a record by the end of summer for an early 2015 release. We can’t wait for all of you mutants out there to check it out. We assure you it’ll be utterly gruesome (see what I did there?). Cheers!”

Stay tuned for more news and details on GRUESOME.

About Gruesome:

GRUESOME is a respectful a celebration of the sound of the early DEATH records. The band was borne out of guitarist/vocalist Matt Harvey and drummer Gus Rios’ mutual involvement with the DEATH TO ALL tours (Harvey serving as frontman for the original nine-member mini-tour and Rios performing “Baptized in Blood” and working with DTA drummer Sean Reinert on the following US tour where EXHUMED filled in as support on a few dates). The pair stayed in touch and discussed their mutual love (obsession?) for the early half of DEATH’s catalog. After discussing and discarding the idea of putting together another incarnation of DTA to focus exclusively on the first two albums, Harvey half-jokingly suggested writing their own songs in that vein. It wasn’t long before the idea gained traction, and the “band” had five songs written. With Harvey writing in California, Rios recruited POSSESSED guitarist Daniel Gonzalez and DERKETA bassist Robin Mazen to record the material in Florida, while Harvey tracked his vocals on the west coast. The result is a truly gruesome slab of late-80s / early 90s “Florida Death Metal” that specifically celebrates the early DEATH records. Tragically, there will never be any truly new DEATH material, but GRUESOME is humbly determined to keeping the band’s classic sound alive as faithfully as possible.


Daniel Gonzalez – Guitar
Matt Harvey – Guitar, vocals
Robin Mazen – Bass
Gus Rios – Drums


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Gruesome – Hátborzongató darab a korai ’90-es évek floridai death metáljából


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