Hot News: Gypsyhawk – Unveils ‘Revelry & Resilience’ art, track listing, and new single ‘Hedgeking’ and behind the scenes studio video available for streaming!

Pasadena, CA’s GYPSYHAWK have finally released the details for their forthcoming sophomore album, and Metal Blade Records debut, Revelry & Resilience. The band’s distinct personality is splashed all over Revelry & Resilience. Whether it’s the edgy and upbeat barroom swagger of The Fields, the balls out stomp wielded by the serpentine grooves and blistering leads of Hedgeking (inspired by George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Fire and Ice series”), the head-bobbing bounce and triumphant air of Frostwyrm or their crunchy yet soulful take on Johnny Winter’s Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo the record crackles with energy while being wholly devoid of pretension, and on every level it is leagues ahead of its predecessor.

GYPSYHAWK describes themselves as “four metal dudes playing rock and roll and bringing the party every time they get on stage”. If one thing is for sure it’s that the four guys in GYPSYHAWK are not looking for overnight stardom and want to put the work into building something that lasts, and deservedly so. “I really want to take this band as big as it can possibly go but because it’s good music that people want to hear, and I want the chance to try different things on the records we make in the future, to really see what we’re capable of,” says Packer. “We’re just going to write the best music that we can and we’re gonna write the truest music that we can,” Harris adds. “We want to play this music everywhere that will have us, but we’re pretty realistic about everything, and we’re just having a good fucking time while we can.”

The cover art was done by acclaimed artist Arik Roper (http://arikroper.com) and is available now onmetalblade.com/gypsyhawk, along with the first single, Hedgeking, and a behind the scenes studio video.

Revelry & Resilience will be released August, 24th/27th by Metal Blade Records in Europe!

GYPSYHAWK was showcased as one of Alternative Press Magazine’s “100 bands you need to know” for 2012. The annual special—which is now in its twelfth year—highlights up-and-coming acts from the worlds of rock, punk, pop, indie, hardcore, metal, electronica and screamo; the expectation with inclusion is that these bands are poised to have a breakout year in 2012.

GYPSYHAWK will also be appearing on the Mayhem Festival Cruise this December with Lamb of God, Machine Head, Anthrax, Hatebreed, and more! For more information, and to reserve a room, head to:http://www.mayhemcruise.com

Fronted in true Phil Lynott style by singer/bassist Eric Harris (former bassist of Ohio blackened thrashers Skeletonwitch), GYPSYHAWK’s foursome is rounded out with guitarists Andrew Packer and Erik Kluiber, and drummer Ian Brown.

Revelry & Resilience track listing:
1. Overloaded
2. The Fields
3. Hedgeking
4. Frostwyrm
5. Galaxy Rise
6. 1345
7. Night Songs from the Desert
8. The Red Wedding
9. Silver Queen
10. State Lines
11. Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo

“equal parts bold classic-rock boogie and hazy space rock”Alternative Press Magazine

“Brought down from the Iron Throne, banished to the great wall, stride along the king’s road of rock and roll laid barren by the Gypsyhawk…Don’t attempt to call Gypsyhawk anything but rock and roll, they take what we all know and make it new again.” Chuck Loesch, KROX 101X


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