Hot News: Halloween “Horror Fire”

At 3 May 2013 will be the album “Horror Fire” of HALLOWEEN rereleased at the first time on on vinyl and as download. The limited vinyl edition contains 500 pieces (100 orange, 400 black), gatefold. The preorder phase will start on April 19, 2013 in our webshop.

After the vinyl-rereleases of “Victims of the Night” and “No One Gets Out”, we are planning to rerelease the penultimate HALLOWEEN-studio-album “Horror Fire” (2006) on vinyl. The album, which was originally released on the band’s private label Motor City Metal Records, will be released as double-LP with a gatefold-cover as limited edition (500 copies).

Horror Fire” offers typical HALLOWEEN-style music with a little more modern, fat production and Brian Thomas characteristic vocals. Its length is a bit above average (70 minutes) and was at the time of its release the longest album of the band; now topped by their current release “Terrortory”. Even though the album is quite long, there is no need for mediocre gap-fillers. With a mixture of catchy songs (“Halloween Night”), straight metal-grenades (“Candles”, “Head against the Wall”), groovy, modern songs like “The Seer” and “Rage”, and the ALICE COOPER-coversong “Go To Hell”, they have enough good material to convince their fans even seven years after the original release.

“Horror Fire” is a must for every serious HALLOWEEN-fan!


Side A
1. I Am
2. Wake Up Screaming
3. Halloween Night
4. The Crush
5. Exist

Side B
6. Candles
7. The Seer
8. The End And The Beginning
9. Nobody’s Home
10. Rage

Side C
11. Ways Of Man
12. Head Against The Wall
13. Coming To Life
14. Sin
15. Go To Hell
Side D
16. Fire Still Burns
17. The Battles
18. Fighting Words
19. H.F.B.D.T.Y.

George Neal – Bass
Brian Thomas – Vocals
Rob Brug – Drums
Donny Allen – Guitars

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