Hot News: Hammerheart Records announces new releases!

Phlebotomized – Immesne Intense Suspense/Skycontact

On April 7th 2014 Hammerheart Records will re-issue Phlebotomized’s classic debut-CD “Immense Intense Suspense” as a double-CD package with Phlebotomized’s follow up full length album “Skycontact”! Both albums are highly sought after and feature a killer re-mastered sound, fully updated artwork and a cool packaging… your search for these lost Dutch death metal classics is over!

Phlebotomized crashed into the then booming Dutch scene of the early 90’s, and especially their debut is still a very much in demand album, a true Underground classic at par with old The Gathering to just mention a name.

Collision/The Rotted – Split EP

On this date you can also pick up a split 7” by Dutch grindcore/thrash metal band Collision (two songs) and U.K. death metal punks The Rotted (one song)! Just for the fun and sake of it, killer songs! Check out the Collision song “Satanic Surgery” here:

Stuka Party – Scheiser Smasher

On April 21st 2014 Hammerheart Records will do a special release, limited to 300 copies, that creates a shitload of noise: Stuka Party’s “Schmeiser Smasher” CD & LP (yes, both in this one package) will then amaze the world! This is a band run by William Blackmon of Gadget, but it will appeal most likely to the same open-minded people who remember East West Blast Test, this is a duo, only drum and bass with help of a few friends, needs to be heard to be believed! Check out the song “Ark Royal” here:

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