Hot News: Helevorn – Finish recording their third album

The Spanish Doom Metal band HELEVORN have finished the recording sessions of their third album, „Compassion Forlorn”, at the Psychosomatic Studios from Mallorca with the engineer „Mega” a.k.a Miguel Ángel Riutort.
The album is being mixed by „Mega”, and wil be mastered by the renowned Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden.

„Compassion Forlorn” will be released in 2014 and will be composed of eight tracks. It will feature a collaboration from Pedro Zubiri (ex-Golgotha, ex-Blind Panic), a male choir, and a female voice. The artwork will be done by the artist Andreu Beltrán (andreu-art.com), who will also take care of the photo shoots.

The band will disclose more information about the album in the following weeks. For this purpose they have created a Twitter account where you can find the latest news about the band. (twitter.com/helevornband)

HELEVORN recently inked a deal with What The Fucktory Management, who will manage their booking and promotion from now on.

Here you can watch the video of „From Our Glorious Days” from the last album „Forthcoming Displeasures” (BadMoodMan 2010).

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