Hot News: Hellbastard – UK Crust Miscreants Issue Video Teaser + New Track

Legendary UK thrash/crust/metal miscreants HELLBASTARD recently unleashed a video teaser for their aptly titled Sons Of Bitches vinyl EP. Issued via PATAC Records, Sons Of Bitches is limited to 1000 copies, includes a re-recorded version of 1988’s “We Had Evidence” from the band’s 1988 Heading For Internal Darkness full-length and finds the band as acutely irritated by societal deevolution as ever before.

Embraced by those in-the-know as well as newcomers just acquainting themselves with HELLBASTARD’s winding history of sonic hostility, Sons Of Bitches is reaping critical hails from fans and journalists alike. Exclaim notes: “Sons Of Bitches is a particularly nasty offering, displaying a profound disgust for the state of the world and actively looking forward to an embattled post-apocalyptic future…a strong and substantial EP that continues to demonstrate that HELLBASTARD reformed because they had more to say,” while Blistering observes:  “As one of those overlooked treasures of the extreme metal underground, HELLBASTARD has defied convention, turning out a varied six-song effort that belies the rough and ragged reputation they’ve garnered after 26 years in the game. Hard to believe old dudes like this can sound as such, but we like surprises in these parts, and Sons Of Bitches definitely falls into that category.” Adds Wickedchannel bluntly: “HELLBASTARD is no joke…”

To order Sons Of Bitches, point your browser HERE. To order the Sons Of Bitches test pressing (comes with a t-shirt and patch) go HERE.

Often cited as being the band who created the “crust” wave of the 1980s, HELLBASTARD formed in late 1984/’85 then died prematurely in 1992. In 2012, HELLBASTARD are now very much back in action, tighter, more powerful and still as bitter and pissed off as they were from the start. HELLBASTARD bring socially aware lyrics and an unclassifiable form of punk/thrash metal music to the international stage.


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Hot News: Hellbastard – Legendary UK Crust Brigade To Release New Vinyl EP Through PATAC Records


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