Hot News: Helldorados – Reveal album details

HELLDORADOS are going to release their self-titled debut on July 13, 2012!

The band has now unveiled the cover artwork!

The internationally known artist and UNESCO prize winner Timo Wuerz is responsible for the design.

“We have got to know Timo Wuerz by accident at an art and commerce congress. Between all of the geeks he looked more like us” claims HELLDORADOS singer Pierre.

At the same time they discovered many things they have in common: The love for rock music and art.
“Moreover, we both grew up in the same small town. That probably connects” complements Pierre, smiling.

From February to April 2012 HELLDORADOS spent time in the famous Horus Sound Studios in Hannover to record their album.

A total of 12 pieces of music were created for the s/t album.

It was produced under the direction of Mirko Hofmann who already took up the 4-track promotional EP a year ago.
Eloy frontman and founder of the Horus Sound Studios, Frank Bornemann, acted as a “godfather”.

The result is musically versatile somewhere between Metallica, Hardcore Superstar, the old Scorpions and ABBA.

Enjoy the brand new album trailer here:

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Helldorados – Changes Videoclip


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Helldorados – Cover artwork and tracklist


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