Hot News: Hellectricity – Debut album out in October

“Metal/rock’n’roll without the pressure to break all limits of heaviness and speed” – that’s how we can summarize the music of the new band Hellectricity. Their debut studio album will be released by Metal Mind Productions on October, 29th in Europeand December, 11th in USA (via MVD). Although the band is new on the music scene, its members have an established history in the music business – they include musicians known from such bands as Corruption, Lostbone, Hedfirst, Carnal, and The Supergroup. They started to play together in 2009. One year later Hellectricity released their well received first EP entitled „Cold Blood Desire”. Now they are about to release their first full-length album “Salem Blood” which constitutes a return to the classic metal music of the 80s. but played in a modern way.

As the musicians ensure, Hellectricity feel no need to reinvent rock music or to strive for the originality of their own music. They just have fun while working on this project, which can be clearly heard on their album. “Salem Blood” contains ten dynamic, energetic metal/rock&roll songs that tell a story of the Inquisition, demons and humans. It does sound interesting, and here is how the band describe their work in the studio: “The material featured on the album was recorded in June and July 2011 at Sound Division studio in Warsaw, Poland. The recording process went quite smoothly but mixing and mastering was just a never-ending story. Arek Malczewski, who was working with us on ‘Salem Blood’, is a sought-after guy on all fronts. We know him from our previous collaboration on Behemoth, Decapitated and Black River albums – he’s always on the run, working on some projects. He is probably the busiest man in the world. That’s why the final work on the album was done  in several sessions. Fortunately, around April this year we were able to bring everything to a happy end.”

Today the band reveal the cover artwork and tracklist of “Salem Blood”. Full details to follow soon.

“Salem Blood”


1. Silver Bullets
2. Endless Lie
3. Wolf Or Man
4. Plaque LXIX
5. Nightmare
6. Don’t Burn The Witch
7. Eat Me Alive
8. Beware Of Light
9. Salem Blood
10. Prophecy

Rufus (Corruption) – vocals
Przemas (Lostbone) – guitar
Kuba (Hedfirst) – guitar
Wiśnia (Carnal, The Supergroup) – drums

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Hot News: Hellectricity reveal another track from “Salem Blood” album


Hot News: Hellectricity – see “Silver Bullets” video


Hot News: Hellectricity reveal the first track from “Salem Blood” album


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