Hot News: Heresy Of Dreams – New Single “Libre Y Salvaje”

The energic formation of authentic and overwherming Heavy Metal Heresy of Dreams  present a new single from the band, extracted from their debut album “Nuestra Ley Es Esta”.

The elected track receives the title of “Libre y Salvaje” and consists in one of the most direct cuts and best resume the spirit of the entire album.

Direct, powerful and uncompromising Heavy Metal.

Their music is defined as a combination of authentic ang genuine Heavy Metal, with a really energetic spirit, young and full of strength. Influenced by bands such as Primal Fear, Saxon, Judas Priest or Metallica.

The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered in the Hell’s Studios of Villareal by Ruk Nebur (guitarist from Killus).

“Nuestra Ley Es Esta” is available on AGR Online!!!

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Hot News: Heresy Of Dreams – New Video “Libre Y Salvaje”!


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