Hot News: Hybrid’s Angst Coming May 14th on Deepsend Records

Spanish experimental extreme metallers HYBRID will release new album Angst through Deepsend Records on May 14th.

Angst is a conceptual behemoth of experimental extreme metal that drives the listener through progressive and intricate songwriting. Not unlike the game changer Planisphaerium by countrymen Wormed in 2003, HYBRID‘s Angst could very well be the country’s next great output. It is a true hybrid of genres canvasing all aspects of extreme music into one-cohesive, yet complex vortex of sound. The twisted extreme death metal of Wormed, the frenetic math metal of Dillinger Escape Plan combined with the jazz elements of Candiria and progressive fusion of Cynic, creates an impressive album that will appeal to fans of death metal, grindcore and progressive metal.

Angst is streaming in its entirety at deepsendrecords.bandcamp.com/music.

A video teaser for the album is now playing at this location.

Pre-orders are available through Deepsend Records at: www.deepsend.com/?page=5&id=3009

1. Flesh Fusion Threshold
2. Enter The Void
3. Collapse To None
4. Self-Implosion
5. Cuando El Destino Nos Alcance
6. Angst-Ridden Inertia
7. Doomed To Failure

HYBRID was born in 2004 with the intention of setting up an unorthodox extreme music project without self-impossed limits.

The band recorded Beyond Undeniable Entropy in 2005 as a presentation, a six song debut MCD of avant-garde, eclectic and technical metal, released the next year by Deadwrong Records, which got a great response within the underground scene.

In the beginning of 2007 HYBRID entered Sadman Studio to record their first full length albumThe 8th Plague, mastered by Alan Douches (MASTODON, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN) and with artwork by Seldon Hunt (NEUROSIS, ISIS), which was released by London-based label Eyesofsound (BOSSK, YAKUZA) in August 2008.

The 8th Plague received an outstanding reception worldwide, as it was selected one of the best albums of the year in several specialized media.

After playing live with bands like TOOL, DEFTONES, NAPALM DEATH, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, MISERY INDEX, TEXTURES, MOHO, MACHETAZO and LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER between others, HYBRID wemt back to the studio in 2011 and recorded their sophomore album Angst, settling their unique approach to the genre while taking their sound one step further in terms of creative freedom.


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Hot News: Deepsend Records Signs Spanish Experimentalists Hybrid


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