Hot News: Iblis – Polish avant-garde strikes again!

Menthell – the debut album by the avant-garde metal ensemble IBLIS will soon be released. It will be available in two versions: as a free download on the producer’s website: Death To Music Productions www.deathtomusic.com  and as a 300 copies limited edition digipack to be purchased on 8merch.com. Media patronage is provided by Mythrone Promotion.

The psychoactive album art is the brainchild of Traktor, the band’s bassist. Get ready for a hypnotic mix of avant-garde and progressive metal in the vein of DHG, Lux Occulta, Ephel Duath, Atrophia Red Sun, Bogus Blimp and Ved Buens Ende.

The official release date is March 10, 2012.

Your Mental hell sightseeing itinerary:

1.White Claudia
2. 12 Sycamores
3. Menthell
4. Poison In Your Food
5. Don’t Eat My Legs
6. Origin
7. Bill Skins Fifth

Before Menthell premieres, you can check out the samples of our music online on:


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