Hot News: Impalers records new album next month

In March 2013 Impalers released their debut album, Power Behind The Throne. The album brought the band out of Denmark for the first time, to both Belgium and Germany, as well as a string of shows in their home country, including a performance at the Copenhell Festival, support shows for Mercenary in Fall, and most recently a gig at the showcase concert, When Copenhell Freezes Over. With another year’s worth of experiences, they’re now ready to move their focus to the next stepping stone for the band: Album number two. Therefore the band can now happily announce, that they’ll be recording their next album at Death Island Studios with producer Marco Angioni. The recording process will take place in March.

Singer and rhythm guitarist Søren Crawack had this to say about the choice of studio and producer:

”We really wanted a studio where it would be possible to live during the entire process, so we could just emerse ourselves completely in the music. Marco’s studio is absolutely perfect, since it, not only allows us to do just that, but also gives us the opportunity to work with someone who really knows his stuff. The combination of deep, deep focus and an excellent producer will hopefully give the album that little extra something.”

Here’s a couple of words from producer Marco Angioni:

”I’m looking forward to working with the band as the songs, already in the pre-production process, sound in-you-face and mean, but also different to each other; a fact that will give the album that twist that will make it stand out.”

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