Hot News: Infected Flesh – Releases Concatenation of Severe Infections Today on Comatose Music

With the end of the world coming Friday, the good folks at Comatose Music are offering fans of brutal death metal one last battering ram to the ears before our impending descent into hell.

Today (Tuesday, December 18th) Comatose Records will officially unleash Concatenation of Severe Infections, the third full-length from Catalonia’s INFECTED FLESH. With the band’s recent addition of Seth Van de Loo from Severe Torture / Centurian on drums, you can expect a vicious barrage of brutal death metal with grinding riffs, immense blasting, and haunting guttural vocals spewed forth with reckless abandon. There are several guest vocal performances and extremely disturbing artwork by Marco Hasmann to make this album one of the most sick and offensive releases of 2012! Recommended for fans of SEVERE TORTURE, DISAVOWED and SUFFOCATION.

Guest vocalists on Concatenation of Severe Infections include Robbert K. (Disavowed), Dennis (Severe Torture), Joost (Cliteater), Roi (Haemophagia), Albert & Jofre (Pesta Porcina), Regius (Nemesis Aeterna).

1. Gruesome Supply Chain of Nailed Human Pieces
2. The Bunch (Congregation of Deadly Parasites)
3. Concentric Circles of Disembowelment
4. Erase the Rictus
5. Lithographies of Recurrent Splatter
6. Phossilized Between the Walls of a Post-Industrial Ziggurat
7. Impudent Dissection of the Perfidious Idol
8. Fermentation of Prosthetic Remains
9. The Pragmatic Tearing
10. Inoculation
11. Aepoxifying Bacterial Capitals


Roger B.- Vocals, Guitars and Bass
Seth Van de Loo – Drums and Vocals

INFECTED FLESH was formed on 1997. The band was founded by Marc Azcón (drums) and Carlos Cuevas (guitars). Just a few weeks later Jaume Carballo (bass) and Roger Borrull (guitars) joined the band. The line-up was completed a couple of weeks later adding Fede on the vocals. The group started to work hardly on its own songs but soon Fede left the band and Marc and Roger assumed the vocal duties. With this line up the group recorded its first full length CD and performed several concerts in Spain with bands like SEPSISM, HUMAN MINCER, SACRED SIN, LIGHTNING, SANATORIUM, INTERNALLE BIZARRE, NEMESIS AETERNA, etc. The first full length CD, “Anthropophagical Devourment”, was recorded on 1999 and released by AMERICAN LINE PRODUCTIONS on the 2000. After this releasing the band was dissolved due to internal issues.INFECTED FLESH was a pioneer band in the development of the brutal death metal grind Catalonian scene and “Anthropophagical Devourment” became almost a piece of cult in the international underground gore death grind metal scene.
6 years after the dissolution Roger refounded the band alone. INFECTED FLESH, as a one man band, just released, through HECATOMBE RECORDS, its second full length CD entitled “The ascension of the abysmal aberration” and also saw the light a 4 way Split CD named “Supreme Brutal Legions Vol.3”, through VRYKOBLAST PRODUCTION of Singapore, and featuring the brutal bands FORMLESS TERROR, GENOCIDE, STILLBIRTH and INFECTED FLESH. During 2008 and 2009 the band took part in some brutal compilations and also performed live shows with bands like SEVERE TORTURE, DEMENTOR, KILLCHAIN, PESTA PORCINA, INGROWING, NEUROPATHIA, ALIENATION MENTAL, etc. Besides INFECTED FLESH performed shows in several countries of Eastern Europe like Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Lithuania; and also had the chance to perform in Austria with MOONFOG, VULVATHRONE, FEEBLE MINDED, CRANIOTOMY, etc.

By 2010, Seth van de Loo, drummer for Dutch brutal death metal act SEVERE TORTURE, started collaborating with INFECTED FLESH. It was he who recorded the drums for a two track demo, and just a few weeks later the band signed up a deal with the North American brutal label COMATOSE MUSIC for the releasing of its third full length album. The same label, released by 2011, a brutal split CD named “Split Torso Trauma” containing the bands ANTROPOFAGUS, PUTRIDITY, PRION, INFECTED FLESH and MASS INFECTION. This release includes the two tracks of the demo recorded previously with Seth on drums.
The brand new album of INFECTED FLESH it’s called “Concatenation of Severe Infections” and will see the light on December 18th, 2012. The album features Seth, on drums and backup vocals, and a bunch of collaborations of the following great artists: Dennis from SEVERE TORTURE, Rob K from DISAVOWED, Joost from CLITEATER, Roi from HAEMOPHAGIA, Albert Llobarro and Jofre Dalmau from PESTA PORCINA and Regius from NEMESIS AETERNA.

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Hot News: Streaming “Concentric Circles of Disembowelment” From Infected Flesh


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