Hot News: streaming entire “Legendes” release, featuring the best of Quebecois black metal

Today, heavily trafficked web-portal is streaming the entirety of Légendes, a special limited-edition double-7″ release, out today on SEPULCHRAL PRODUCTIONS. On Légendes, four of the best-known black metal outfits from Québec join forces – FORTERESSE, CHASSE-GALERIE, MONARQUE, and CSEJTHE – with each band contributing a brand-new track paying tribute to Québec’s legends: “Wendigo” by FORTERESSE, “Le Bois Des Belles” by CHASSE-GALERIE, “La Griffe du Diable” by MONARQUE, and “Murmures Nocturnes” by CSEJTHE. Discover these dark myths that are part of Québec’s folklore and heritage, played by bands at the top of their art, for a limited time exclusively HERE

Tracklisting for Légendes double-7″
Side A: Forteresse – “Wendigo”
Side B: Chasse-Galerie – “Le Bois Des Belles”
Side C: Monarque – “La Griffe du Diable”
Side D: Csejthe – “Murmures Nocturnes”

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