Hot News: Ithilien have inked a deal with Mighty Music who will release their first album

ITHILIEN is a Belgium folk metal band providing an epic mixture of black and death metal surrounded with Celtic, Viking and Norse traditional folk music. Because of the territory’s history, these ancient cultures are still very present in the warriors’ spirit and blood, and they have become the main inspirations in the unique universe of ITHILIEN. The band is now ready with their debut album “From Ashes to the Frozen Land“.

The forming
In 2005, Pierre Cherelle (Lead Guitars/Vocals) founded the Belgian folk Metal band ITHILIEN. A lot of personal reflections, years of work, a first EP and a few line-up changes later, the core of ITHILIEN was sealed with the arrival of Benjamin Delbar (Bass) in 2011.
The band’s rise into the European metal scene started that same year with a stable line-up including Jerry Winkelmans (Drums), Olivier Bogaert (Keyboards) and last but not least Geoffroy Dell’Aria (bagpipe and Whistles). A lot of ambition has brought the band to be part of the finest Belgian metal performers. In 2013 alone, the band played more than 20 shows in Belgium, Holland and France without having an album out!

The story behind Ithilien
When earth and sky were one, an evil creature known as ’Ithilien’ was born. Manipulated from the deepest depths and the highest mountains, its only goal is to destroy mankind. A few valorous warriors united their strength and started an epic journey from the ashes of their home to the frozen land where dwells evil. Reckless of what might happen, they seek revenge. Those warriors are known as ’The Hunters of Ithilien’ and this is their story.

‘The Hunters’  is now ready with the first chapter entitled “From Ashes to the Frozen Land“. Listen to the album teaser here.

“From Ashes to the Frozen Land“ will be released December 9th through Mighty Music/Target.


From Ashes to the Frozen Land

Release: December 9th 2013

01. Battle Cry
02. Unleashed
03. Rebirth
04. Sealed Destiny
05. Through Wind and Snow
06. Reckless Child
07. Drinkin’ Song
08. Mother of the Night
09. Stare into the Deep
10. Everlasting Dawn
11. A World Undone
12. Northern Light

Pierre Cherelle – Vocals/Lead Guitar
Benjamin Delbar – Bass
Jerry Winkelmans – Drums
Olivier Bogaert – Keyboard
Geoffroy Dell’Aria – Bagpipe & Whistles

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ITHILIEN – Shaping the Soul

ST. Toma

ITHILIEN – From Ashes to the Frozen Land

ST. Toma

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