Hot News: Jack Starr’s Burning Starr Announce New Album And Reveal Further Plans

Since the comeback of JACK STARR’S BURNING STARR in 2009 with the brilliant studio album called „Defiance”, both band’s career and Jack Starr’s (ex-VIRGIN STEELE) solo career have been on the rise. In 2010 the band signed with Limb Music, a German label who promptly released next studio album „Land Of The Dead” in 2011. The album received rave reviews and is considered by many to be one of the best albums of 2011. The album featured the exact same lineup as „Defiance”, including the fiery drumming of the ex-MANOWAR drummer Rhino, the spot on vocals of Todd Micheal Hall and the solid bass playing of Ned Meloni –  long time member and songwriting contributor of the band – and guest appearances by Ross The Boss (ex-MANOWAR, SHAKIN’ STREET, DICTATORS) and David Shankle (ex-MANOWAR, DSG). One year later, Skol Records reissued the legendary and classic second BURNING STARR album „No Turning Back!” from 1986, with brand new front cover artwork, and which is often listed as one of the very best US Power Metal albums.

The recent activities of Jack Starr also include guest solos on new album of the Australian band DRAGONSCLAW, Lebanese band ZIX where he played on a track with former BLACK SABBATH singer Tony Martin, and various compilations including the Italian tribute album to STRANA OFFICINA, and Texas metallers’ WITCHMARK debut album. Earlier in 2013  the band recorded live DVD at the KEEP IT TRUE FESTIVAL in Germany. 2013 also saw the re-release of „Out Of The Darkness”, the much acclaimed solo album from 1984 that featured Jack Starr and Rhett Forrester – former singer of RIOT, and members of THE RODS and RAINBOW. Even more reissues are planned for this year: the two legendary PHANTOM LORD albums and DEVIL CHILDE mini album, that were recorded in the ’80s by Jack Starr with Ned Meloni (another JACK STARR’S BURNING STARR member) and Joe Hasselvander (RAVEN, PENTAGRAM), will be reissued by Italian label Minotauro Records. In 2014 another reissue will see the light of the day: the ultra rare same titled album from 1989 (so called „The Orange Album”), will be released in CD format in its original form first time ever, with all tracks recorded during that particular session – mastered from the original tapes – and with fat booklet with many previously unseen photos.

Jack Starr and the boys have been busy, but the real news is the impending release of an all new original album scheduled for 2014 entitled „Stand Your Ground”, which promises to be a fire breathing monster of an album. As Jack has said in a recent interview: „Some bands from the eighties lose steam and make albums that are less and less powerful as the years go by ”. BURNING STARR does the opposite: as the years go by, our  albums are getting heavier, better played and feature stronger songwriting. The band will be back in Europe in 2014 playing festivals and clubs in a full tour that promises to see BURNING STARR doing what they do best: delivering Classic US Power Metal with virtuoso playing and melodic songwriting that rocks. In closing, BURNING STARR is  stronger than ever, and will have the same lineup for the next album, featuring the pillar crumbling vocals of Todd Michael Hall, the bombastic drumming of Rhino, Ned Meloni’s killer  bass playing, and once again Jack Starr will cement his reputation as one of Heavy Metal’s most gifted guitarists and songwriters. BURNING STARR keep the Metal flame burning brighter than ever!

Visit the band @ www.facebook.com/jackstarrsburningstarr

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