Hot News: Joe Stump Talks New Exorcism Album ‘I Am God’

Doomy heavy metallers EXORCISM will release their debut album, I Am God, on April 25th via GoldenCore Records/ZYX Music. Guitarist JOE ‘SHREDLORD’ STUMP (HOLYHELL, RAVEN LORD) spoke with Bravewords scribe Carl Begai about his involvement in the project:

It was an interesting record for me to do as I didn’t write anything on it, but that it was a cool record to make none the less. I’m playing all different schools of stuff on the thing guitar-wise, from GARY MOORE / JIMI HENDRIX / MICHAEL SCHENKER-induced bluesy playing to my usual YNGWIE MALMSTEEN meets RITCHIE BLACKMORE meets HANK SHERMAN / ULI JON ROTH evil shred.


‘End Of Days’
‘I Am God’
‘Voodoo Jesus’
‘Last Rock’N Roll’
‘Master Of Evil’
‘Stay In Hell’
‘Fade The Day’
‘Zero G’

All drums by Garry King recorded at La Foret Groupe Studio, France. All guitars by Joe Stumprecorded at The Dungeon, Boston, MA, and edited and processed by Franciso Palomo, private studio, Boston, MA. All bass guitars by Lucio Manca recorded at Total Master Sound, IB, Spain. All vocals, keyboards, synthesizers and additional rhythm guitars recorded and edited by Csaba Zvekan, slide guitar on ‘End Of Days’ by Csaba Zvekan, additional rhythm guitars on ‘Voodoo Jesus’ by Csaba Zvekan at Total Master Sound, IB, Spain. Mixed and Mastered by Csaba Zvekan at Total Master Sound studios, Balearic Islands, Spain.

Video teaser “Zero G“:

I am rocking my damn brains out right now to the new band and album from Exorcism and it really is a Brutal, Killer, Heavy album that has so many styles mixed in that the Metal, Prog, Doom and Rock fans are going to seriously enjoy! Pack your bags cause you are about to go on a journey from Heaven & Hell and back again. (Jon Hernandez)

This is an album full of really awesome material, with the melancholic sounds of songs like “Exorcism”, with its powerful and emotive chorus and meaty riffs blending seamlessly with more upbeat rockers like “Higher”, with its speedier feel to it and a definite driving sound. (Metal-Temple)

A first test successful for EXORCISM shot! An international group gathered for you get a foot in the ass! I AM GOD is more than a concentrate of doom and heavy metal, it is a monument simply enjoyable! An album has discover without moderation! guaranteed pleasure! (Painkiller Metal Show)

Joe Stump, Csaba Zvekan, Lucio Manca and Gary King get heavy! There’s no ballads either (thank God) but there are some lighter moments that really show off their range. My personal favorite is “Voodoo Jesus”, a song that Zvekan really brings alive, I think he’s channeling the late Ronnie James Dio at times on this one. (RAAHP)

Bottom line is that Exorcism with their debut album are going to make some noise in the metal community, no doubt ’bout that! They are the true defenders of the old school Heavy Metal scene and that’s a thing that reflects to their sound. The musicianship here is tight, the vocal performances are powerful and evil and the guitar work…..heavy as hell!!! Highly recommended stuff for all you metal-freaks out there! (Heavy Paradise)

Exorcism are:

Csaba Zvekan – vocals
Joe Stump – guitars
Lucio Manca – bass
Garry King – drums

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