Hot News: Kaotoxin Records to Release Dehuman’s Black Throne of All Creation on May 28th

Kaotoxin Records is set to release Black Throne of All Creation, the debut full-length from old school Belgian Death Squad DEHUMAN on May 28th. Started in 2006 and devoted to the cult early / mid 90s Death Metal scene from the US and Western Europe, DEHUMAN proves with Black Throne of all Creation that quality songwriting is not a matter of age with plenty of catchy hooks in a very groovy and melodic, yet dark and evil Death Metal style of their own. Along those same lines, worship of a style is not a matter of ripping-off others’ trademark sound and sounding old-school is not about having a dated sound.

Recorded at the Blackout studio (Enthroned, Resistance, Emptiness, Sol Invictus, Diapsiquir…) and featuring artwork by W. H. Otto Dix, layout by Enthroned’s Oliver Lomer, and logo by Christophe Szpajdel, Black Throne of all Creation is sounds great and looks fantastic. It’s also an addictive release sure to hook the listener upon the very first listen with such instant classics as “Black Mamba” or “Cast of Assassination.” Mixing a very personal sense of melody yet sounding “familiar” to the Death Metal worshiper, Black Throne of all Creation digs a place of its very own in the memory and heart of the fan with all its finely crafted production and compositional details, giving its audience something fresh to discover with each listen.

Black Throne of all Creation Cover Art & Track Listing:

1. Apocalypse and Perdition
2. Monstrosity in the Hands of God
3. Eyes of a Thousand
4. Spiral of Loss
5. Down with the world
6. Harvest the Sun
7. Cast of Assassination
8. Black Mamba
9. Path to Oblivion

The album may be ordered at this location.

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