Hot News: Killer Bee re-releases “From Hell and Back” and premieres new video

When the two KILLER BEE kingpins Anders L.A. Rönnblom and Brian Bee Frank in 2011 decided to release a compilation album featuring songs from their three 90’s album, there were no plans to start the band again.
I wanted to have a closure of the 90’s KILLER BEE-era. I felt that we never had an official farewell, so this was a good chance to do so.” – Anders explains. But a renewed interest in KILLER BEE whetted their appetites and got them writing new material again. In October 2012 Killer Bee released their fourth album “From Hell and Back” after a 15 year long break.

March 3rd “From Hell And Back” is re-released in cooperation with Target Group and the band premieres at the same time a brand new video for the title track.

The track has been mixed by Rich Chycki who has worked with such prominent bands as RushAerosmithDream Theater and Def Leppard!

The “From Hell and Back” album has already spawned four music videos, three of them directed by ex-Helix guitarist Brent Doerner, who also plays guitar solos on “Step Into My World” and “On And On”.

See all the videos on the KILLER BEE YouTube playlist – which also features “Children of the Evolution” from the 2013 album “Evolutionary Children“.

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Hot News: The Swedish hard rock band Killer Bee is back with their fifth studio album


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