Hot News: Killgasm set release date for new Moribund album

MORIBUND RECORDS announces May 27th as the release date for KILLGASM‘s A Stab in the Heart of Christ. Following on from their critically acclaimed Bloodbath in Satanic Vengeance debut in 2011, A Stab in the Heart of Christ is the Californian power-trio’s highly anticipated second album. KILLGASM‘s first album for MORIBUND, A Stab in the Heart of Christ is everything it says on the tin: blistering, belligerent black metal fused with caustic, chaotic grindcore, with the target firmly set on dog’s creation. With apparent unconcern for the listener’s well-being, KILLGASM create a whirlwind of filth and fury, but one not locked into the conventions of neither black metal nor grindcore. Prepare for A Stab in the Heart of Christ!

Tracklisting for KILLGASM’s A Stab in the Heart of Christ
1. Black Grinding Terror (1:42)
2. Revenge of the Panzergoat (2:28)
3. Planet Earth Mass Grave (4:20)
4. The Smell of Stolen Innocence (4:07)
5. Cold, Dead and Spread (3:13)
6. High on Church Fumes (1:37)
7. A Stab in the Heart of Christ (6:11)
8. Fisting Your Faith (5:27)
9. Miserable Existence (4:16)
10. Humanity in Ashes (5:36)

A statement from KILLGASM reads: “Moribund Cult has been one of our favorite labels for well over a decade now, and we are honored to have our upcoming releases be under same banner that has released such influential bands as Grand Belial’s Key, Archgoat, Judas Iscariot, Sargeist, Arghoslent, Craft, Leviathan, Arckanum, Fornicator, Drawn and Quartered, Bahimiron, Thy Infernal, Meat Shits, Satan’s Host, Azaghal, Dodsferd, Xasthur, Horna, Old Wainds, Nocturnal Fear, Behexen, and Winter of Apokalypse among countless others! From the very inception of this project, we felt Moribund would be the ideal label for us, as they do not in any way censor their artists and no subject matter is taboo for them. And above all else, Moribund Cult is notorious for releasing only the most evil, hateful, disgusting and perverted black metal and filth grind, which are the very aesthetics this band was built upon.”

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