Hot News: Ledo Takas news – Dissimulation Iškelk Ir Išniekink MLP/MCD and Obtest Prieš Audrą CD

First of is a brand new mini album by the most dedicated Lithuanian black metal three-piece DISSIMULATION, vomiting yet higher pile of disgust towards pharisaic modern society, while facing its spiritual corruption with cold blood and creative determination.

Some still consider DISSIMULATION as just a mere devil and inverted crosses worshippers. HAH! If you are so shortsighted, new compositions of the band will help to look behind the symbolic facade. Of course, it was and still remains important, yet this is just a prelude, shell, circus introduction – the unknown, open for interpretations, is lurking behind.

For the end of the world the band have prepared the following tracks:

1. Intro                       01:43
2. Tavęs Nėra              05:22
3. Iškelk Ir Išniekink    03:23
4. Dievturys                06:21
5. Sutvėrimas              04:46

DISSIMULATION “Iškelk Ir Išniekink” mini album is officially released on June 6, 2012 in the following shapes:

– 12″MLP on golden coloured 45RPM virgin wax with 4 page 12×12″ insert and exclusive artwork, accomplished by a long time comrade-in-arms Marius “Šernas” Černiauskas, who has also painted the cover of “Miglose…” EP. Vinyl edition is limited to 300 copies;

– super jewel box MCD with exclusive cover artwork by XXth century Flemish expressionist James Ensor, and 16 pages booklet. CD edition is limited to 1000 copies.

– digital download via virtual Ledo Takas bandcamp page – title track of the album is already available to stream and download, and the rest of the songs will be made public until the official release date.


And then Ledo Takas is throwing another ace of Lithuanian metal on the devilish day of June 6th: long over due re-issue of early demos by celebrated pagan metal horde, OBTEST. Back in 1995OBTEST were just mere beginners, burning ardently with the second wave of Scandinavian black metal, yet their flames soon ignited a real fire that has eventually put the band on the map of worldwide extreme metal. Both “Prieš Audrą” and “Oldness Comming” recordings are sheer examples of ecstatic warlike dedication, and will never cease to impress by their utmost aggressiveness and battle violence, altered by a couple of amazing acoustic intermezzos.

Now, with totally remastered sound and two bonuses in shape of few more early tracks, re-recorded professionally in 2006, it witnesses a limited super jewel box CD re-issue for the first time ever, expanded by additional vintage band pictures, and authentic artwork by Rolandas Melanaigis. Compact disk shall be ready by June 6th, while the album is already available for pre-order via Ledo Takas bandcamp page.


 DISSIMULATION “Iškelk Ir Išniekink” and OBTEST „Prieš Audrą“ are also available for pre-orders now, via Ledo Takas webshop.

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