Hot News: Levania releases „Renascentis” through the worldwide digital market today!

Avantgarde gothic metal band Levania will unleash their new album „Renascentis” today.

The record will be available worldwide (excluding Japan) from today through all digital stores.

Click on the image for the full song preview „Seven times to forget„:

Here some of the main shop’s release dates:

iTunes 2014-01-27
MediaNet 2014-01-24
Rhapsody 2014-01-24
eMusic 2014-01-31
7 Digital 2014-01-30
Nokia 2014-01-24
Mix&Burn 2014-01-31
Amazon Digital Services Inc. 2014-01-31
Spotify 2014-01-28
Musiwave 2014-01-25
BMAT 2014-01-25
deezer 2014-01-24
Mobizone 2014-02-01
Aspiro 2014-01-31
Omnifone 2014-01-24
YouTube 2014-02-09
NMusic 2014-01-31
Boinc 2014-01-24
Google Music 2014-01-31
Cricket Communications, Inc. 2014-01-24
Bloom.FM (Digital Distributution Networks) 2014-01-24
SoundCloud 2014-01-31
Tuned Global 2014-01-30

Please support the band by visiting their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Levania/79684453130?fref=ts

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