Hot News: Machinae Supremacy releasing new album via Spinefarm Records Finland

Machinae Supremacy is an alternative metal band from Sweden whose video game-inspired sounds and melodies, masterful guitar work and unique vocal style has set them apart from the mainstream mass of generic rock and metal since their beginning in 2000. Metal Hammer calls Machinae Supremacy „one of the most interesting bands of the current era” in their review of the UK-only best-of collection „The Beat of Our Decay” from 2011.

Since the release of their fourth studio album „A View From The End of The World” Machinae Supremacy has toured Europe with Children of Bodom and Ensiferum, and signed with Spinefarm Records for three more albums.

The upcoming „Rise of a Digital Nation” will be released October 19th  and it echoes the musical simplicity of „Overworld” and faithfully reflects the issues and state of a Generation Online in its lyrics.

The album was recorded in Machinae Supremacy’s own studio in Luleå, Sweden, with additional recording at the 4Sound Studio inStockholm. Mastered by Henkka Niemistö at Chartmakers, Finland.

Machinae Supremacy is currently working on the original soundtracks for two upcoming video game titles, among them „Project Giana”, the great grandchild of the now quarter-century old cult hit „The Great Giana Sisters”, and planning for upcoming tours in Russia and northern Europe.

„Rise of a Digital Nation” track list:

1. All of My Angels – 4:54
2. Laser Speed Force – 4:07
3. Transgenic – 4:09
4. Rise of a Digital Nation – 4:07
5. Pieces – 4:16
6. Cyber Warfare – 1:26
7. Republic of Gamers – 4:14
8. Battlecry – 4:16
9. 99 – 5:26
10. Hero – 5:24

Machinae Supremacy is:

Robert Stjärnström – Vocals
Jonas Rörling – Guitar
Andreas Gerdin – Bass
Niklas Karvonen – Drums

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Children Of Bodom, Ensiferum, Machinae Supremacy – Koncertbeszámoló


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