Hot News: Massacra – Entire catalogue to be released soon; demo compilation out in November!

Century Media is proud to announce the license of the entire catalogue of France’s biggest death metal band ever: MASSACRA!

„After so many years, we finally agreed to re-release our old material, our first demos and our albums including some bonus and exclusive stuff. To be honest, going revival is not our cup of tea at all but we must admit that the Century Media team has been so persistent and convinced us to release something official, of high quality, enhanced by some old stuff, original and personal…”
Jean-Marc Tristani, August 2013

The first of various MASSACRA releases will be the demo compilation „Day Of The Massacra”, which includes all tracks of the three legendary demos „Legion Of Torture”, „Final Holocaust” and „Nearer From Death”. All tracks have been remastered at DMS by Ulf Horbelt who is well known for his outstanding remastering skills (Morbid, Asphyx, Grave, Necropsy and many more). Nathaniel Colas did a great in-depth interview with original MASSACRA guitarist Jean-Marc Tristani and Thomas Westphal of the infamous Necromaniac Zine (Germany) will create a killer artwork for the release. „Day Of The Massacra” will be released as standard CD Jewelcase (on midprice!) and standard LP (with 180g vinyl and inlay). The release date has been set to November 4th.

From 2013 onwards, the long sold out albums „Final Holocaust”, „Enjoy The Violence”, „Signs Of The Decline”, „Sick” and „Humanize Human” will be made available step by step. All five albums will get the same treatment as the aforementioned demo compilation: Remastered sound, bonus material, unreleased and exclusive songs, liner notes, reworked layouts, high quality cover artworks (no cheap and blurry scans), rare photos and whatever else there is a fan of real death metal could ask for.

These reissues are the only versions done with full support of the band and will be the definite editions of such death metal classics so don’t spend a buck on bootlegs that suck!

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Hot News: Massacra – „Final Holocaust”, „Enjoy The Violence” and „Signs Of The Decline” re-issues to be released on June 2nd, 2014!


Hot News: Massacra – „Day Of The Massacra” demo compilation available Now! First three albums coming in early 2014!


Hot News: Massacra – „Day Of The Massacra” demo compilation available for pre-ordering!


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