Hot News: Massacre Records – Announce the signing of Thyrien from Finland!

You don’t know them? Fear not! We’re here to help:
Once upon a time, in 2005 to be precise, THYRIEN was forged in the cold and harsh wastelands of Finland. In the beginning it was only a way to express music for Oskari and Jere, but later on a few other members appeared to strengthen the ranks of THYRIEN.

After a while they noticed that the new members weren’t that into working as a band so few line-up changes were to be made.

The journey was a bit complicated in the beginning, but after a while they figured everything out and Valtteri and Sakari Martikainen as well as Oskar Ketola completed the line-up of THYRIEN.

Now let us speak about the band’s musical style, shall we?
Are you a fan of folk metal, death metal and black metal? THYRIEN got you covered and are offering you a fresh sip of mead without forgetting the traditions of folk metal!

The guys focus on bringing you a melodic and brutal atmosphere with catchy drumming and grim vocals.

Their upcoming debut album „Hymns Of The Mortals – Songs From The North” is expected to be released on January 24, 2014 via Massacre Records!

Logo: http://massacre-records.com/promo/content/Thyrien/Thyrien_logo_layerd.pdf

Album Artwork: http://massacre-records.com/promo/content/Thyrien/s_Thyrien_HymnsOf_cover_MASCD0861.jpg

Oskari Koivisto – Guitar & Vocals
Valtteri Martikainen – Lead Guitar
Sakari Martikainen – Drums
Jere Sjögren – Bass & Backing Vocals
Oskar Ketola – Keyboards (Live)


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Thyrien Interjú


THYRIEN – Hymns Of The Mortals – Songs From The North


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