Hot News: Massacre Records – New Signing: 69 Chambers

69 CHAMBERS like to call their music a minefield of contradictions, combining brutality with pop sensibility in an array of in-your-face rock and metal songs.

With their upcoming yet untitled masterpiece, 69 CHAMBERS are more than ready to take over the world’s rock and metal audiences. In the band’s own words, the new songs are more mature, sometimes harder, and playfully incorporate different stylistic influences.

The immediate success of their debut album „War On The Inside” allowed the band to play live highlights such as Hellfest Open Air in France and the renowned MFVF Festival in Belgium, and survive several line-up changes up to the recent departure of bassist Maddy Madarasz in late 2011.

Now stronger than ever, the band is back to a three-piece formation including guitar legend Tommy Vetterli and world-class drummer Diego Rapacchietti, while Nina is taking over the bass duties.

69 CHAMBERS are:
Nina Treml – Bass, Vocals
Tommy Vetterli – Guitar
Diego Rapacchietti – Drums


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Hot News: 69 Chambers – EU Tour


69 Chambers – Cause And Effect video


69 Chambers – Anhedonia videoclip


69 Chambers – The Doom Of Her Power Recording Clip


69 CHAMBERS – War On The Inside

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