Hot News: MetalInjection.net Premiers New Lecherous Nocturne Video

USDM powerhouse LECHEROUS NOCTURNE has teamed with MetalInjection.net for the exclusive world premier of the video for „Ouroboros Chains.”

Taken off the band’s third full-length, Behold Almighty Doctrine, the Garrett Williams directed video for „Ouroboros Chains” is now playing at this location.

Behold Almighty Doctrine was released in March of this year on Unique Leader Records. The album is available through major online retailers and directly from the band at www.lecherousnocturne.net.

The long awaited follow up to 2008’s The Age of Miracles has Passed raises the band’s already considerable game yet again. The band’s technically accomplished musicianship and skillfully concise songwriting fuse without seam to make what will surely be considered one of the year’s most lethal displays of U.S. Death Metal firepower. Ethan Lane and founding member Kreishloff are responsible for six-string sorcery; James O’Neal (Apotheosys, Atrocious Abnormality) and Alex Lancia (Annthennath) low-end tremors and rhythmic battery, respectively; and Chris Lollis (ex-Nile) hell-spawned roars of the possessed. The short of it? Bones will crack and blood will flow.

„The album is a testament to the bands progression to created complex, brutal, diverse and highly talented death metal. The album is bound to make big waves in the death metal world and will be hard to top.”Artemortfica

„If you’re looking for a disc that you can literally file under the word „extreme” in the dictionary, this will be that „take no prisoners, shoot them all in the fucking head” album that you’d be sure to find listed. Definitely not one to pass up, if you’re looking for the heaviest of the heavy.”The Grim Tower

Since their debut in 1997, Lecherous Nocturne have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the worldwide metal scene, landing a deal with Unique Leader Records on the strength of their self-titled EP and their desire to expand the already-extreme boundaries of thrash, black, and death metal. Powered by the dense, interlocking riffs of guitarists Kreishloff and Ethan Lane, Lecherous Nocturne strips their metal right down to the bloody bones.

Extravagant luxuries like mid tempo breaks hi-tech studio shenanigans conventional song structures and even guitar solos are all unnecessary in Lecherous Nocturnes world. Their music is an unrelenting firestorm of grinding double-picked guitars, Alex Lancias powerful machine-gun drumming, and massive low-end rumble courtesy of bassist James O’Neal, the intensity here is way over-the-top, Chris Lollis „band’s original Guitarist” now at the helm providing a venomous vocal dirge accenting the bands fury, super-concentrated and highly disciplined bursts of bile.

Their last full-length album The Age of Miracles has Passed delivers a killing stroke and then slips away before you even have a chance to brace yourself. Lecherous Nocturne are poised to take the Metal world by storm. After the success of  The Age of Miracles has Passed on Unique Leader Records and an extensive tour history, blackened death metal juggernauts Lecherous Nocturne are set to bring forth their highly anticipated release Behold Almighty Doctrine. A ferocious firestorm of controlled chaos sure to satiate fans of the genre, street date for the release is set for March 19th, 2013.

Alex Lancia-Drums
Chris Lollis-Vocals
Ethan Lane-Guitars
James O’Neal-Bass







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